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Dr. Stanley F. Duobinis

Here you will find data and information to stregthen your understanding of the new housing market.

Crystal Ball Economics was founded in September 2003 by Dr. Stanley F. Duobinis at the request of several major construction organizations. All of these organizations were looking for a reliable source of housing information and someone who could present that information to their members.

Crystal Ball Economics specializes in analyzing and forecasting the market for new housing and other construction activity. By producing forecasts for the United States and each state, we help guide business decisions.

Dr. Stanley F. Duobinis is the president of Crystal Ball Economics He spends much of his time speaking to groups throughout the nation about the construction forecast and the implications of that forecast for their businesses. He is reported to make economics INTERESTING!

"Another misconception has been shattered:
not all economists are dull and boring."

- Bob Hunt, Western Wood Products Association


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