The beginning

Hello and welcome. This is my very first blog post on cbeconomics!

First things first, introductions. My name is Chris, I’m an economics graduate and I enjoy solving problems. I have never written a blog before and as such it may take me some time to get used to! I thought i’d start writing a blog as I often have interesting ideas or thoughts and it would be good to be able to get feedback on these and just generally share them with the world! I am a firm believer in perpetual development, I never want to stop learning or progressing, so any feedback, discussions or pointers are more than welcome.

I haven’t entirely decided on the specific topic(s) this blog will focus on, if any. To begin with it will be random thoughts of mine, turned into short analytical ‘mini essay’ style posts. Any comments or suggestions on the structure or content of the posts is again, more than welcome!

As a graduate of economics with a strong background in mathematics, my reasoning will be logical and, where possible, driven by data. One of my pet hates is debates based on emotion, in particular emotive language and selective retaliation. If you can’t calmly address each point made or criticism to your beliefs, then in my book you’ve already lost the debate. The nature of debates in modern society is something I feel quite strongly about and something I’m sure I will touch on in several posts as we move through 2018. In particular, the next couple of posts I write will address what I feel to be two of the biggest hindrances to the progression of modern society with regards to debating: cognitive dissonance and ‘ultracrepidarianism’. To give you a basic idea of what these posts will contain I can give you a brief definition of what I consider these two terms to mean Cognitive dissonance is what happens when someone refuses to accept irrefutable evidence because it goes against a belief they have held their whole life, ultracrepidarianism is the habit of giving advice and/or opinions on a topic you know very little about. I will also be writing posts about a research paper I am currently working on, considering the rising rates of common mental health problems in the 21st century. If these subjects sound of any interest to you then make sure you stay up to date with cbeconomics and get involved with my posts!

To begin with at least, there will be no set structure to the timing and frequency of posts. I will try to write at least once a week but this might be more frequent or less. It is also likely posts will vary considerably in length, from ‘mini essays’ to random thoughts that may only be a couple of sentences long! Over time I hope the right method for the blog will make itself apparent and eventually there it will be far more structured!

Thank you for reading this initial post, get involved, give me feedback and stay updated with cbeconomics in 2018, it will be an interesting year!

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