Introducing: The Decline of Religion

Welcome back and happy new year! It’s been a while since my first posts, what with Christmas and the New Year getting in the way. 2018 is now underway and I will be posting more regularly from now on!

My next few posts will be a series on a (potentially controversial) topic: religion – or more specifically, Christianity in the UK. As I was sitting in church on Christmas Day I began to think about a few things, a) how empty the church was compared to previous years, b) how many young British people rarely even think about religion and similarly, c) how the average age of ‘religious’ or ‘church-going’ people seems to be rising. All of these lead me to the conclusion that Christianity in the UK (and potentially other Western countries – but I do not know enough to draw conclusions for them) is in decline and could all but cease to exist by the beginning of the 22nd century. There are three interesting ideas I had as I’ve thought about this: 1) the effect of legal and political liberalisation in the last few hundred years, 2) how the internet has interacted with religion and 3) cultural differences in religious expectations, particularly between white families and those of Caribbean or African heritage.

The first point will begin to be addressed in the first post of the series (to be uploaded shortly), however there may be much overlap throughout the series. The purpose of this series is not to criticise religion or make any judgements about the future of religion is merely me sharing my conclusions, arguments and lines of thinking that have led me to believe Christianity in the UK will not last. These arguments could potentially be applied to other religions and/or countries but I think variances across these different cultures are too great for me confidently assert that.

If this series interests you or makes you think about something you haven’t considered before then it has served its purpose so please comment, share and let me know if you disagree! Thank you for reading and here’s to 2018!

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